We spend time with our clients to develop a video infrastructure that is going to maximize their ideas and their needs for the best viewing and display performance. 

Whether our clients have a small space or a giant space, with our expert knowledge we are able to guide them to which products will work the best for their space. 

In rooms with multiple projectors, LED screens/walls, and TV’s, we make sure the everything is working to complement the scope of our client’s vision. Completely unifying them with all parts of their Audio, Video, and Lighting. 

In addition to the installation is training. We will be onsite to train their employees and volunteer teams on how to operate the new products to maximize productivity. 

We are there from the beginning and are available to support them with any concerns or needs that they may have or that come up. 


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Video Cameras

Installing video cameras to record events and use for live streaming. 

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Video Displays 

Customized LED walls, TVs, projectors, and screens to fit your venue. 

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Central Control

A video console that allows you to control displayed, outgoing, and recorded video. 

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Live Stream

The ability to take your live event and stream it over the internet. 

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