Lighting is supposed to be a reflection of the mood in the room. It is meant to enhance the atmosphere without creating distractions. We feel like it gives you an added bonus to your potential production. 

Our lighting designers work closely with our clients to create a lighting blueprint that will enhance any venue while keeping in mind issues of visibility, safety, and cost. 

We understand that clients could have cameras and are not only broadcasting in the room but could be live streaming their event. We keep this in mind when designing a lighting blueprint based on our clients existing or potential setup. 

Small Lighting Blueprint Web.png

Lighting Blueprint

A custom drawn lighting blueprint that will best fit your venue and allow for the best lighting. 

Small Control Program Web.png

Control Program

Installing a program that will give the user the control and full capability of the lighting setup. 

Small Lighting Displays Web.png

Lighting Displays

Integrating lighting setups that can be made to fit what you are wanting displayed.