The Greenery Security Upgrades

The Greenery Security Upgrades

The Greenery ( is a plant nursery located in Waxahachie, TX. The Greenery, which opened in 1987, a family ran business, that has over 8 acres of plants, pottery, and iron yard-art. 


In late 2017, The Greenery started to experience reoccurring break-ins where various items were stolen, including a truck. This prompted them to reach out to us to upgrade their security system. Prior to the upgrade, The Greenery had 4-6 outdoor cameras to monitor activity at their location, but there was no security system. 

Installation took place in early January of 2018 where a full Security Camera System and Security Monitoring System was installed. Instead of just 4-6 cameras, The Greenery now has 12 cameras set up at various spots on their property, and they also have a security system that is monitored 24/7 by our support team. 

In addition to the cameras and security system, we were able to install a Security Monitoring Keypad, Door/Window Sensors/Contacts, as well as Motion Sensors/Detectors.

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We chose to use Ubiquiti Radios, Ubiquiti G3 Cameras, Ubiquiti G3 LED Extenders, Ubiquiti G3 Dome Cameras, and POE 8 Port Switches for the upgrade. We chose these products because we have performed extensive testing and are able to implement this system across various networks. Also, with these products, we were able to setup wireless point to point radios to network several outdoor locations.



In addition to the upgrades, we spent time onsite with the Greens and their employees to provide training on the Security Cameras and the Security Monitoring System. This enabled them to feel comfortable with the new system, and ask any questions they had. This is the best part of any install because we know are able to teach them so that in the future they know that they can operate the system themselves. 

The security upgrade has meant peace of mind; we got robbed three times in a six-week span, and now I can actually sleep at night knowing that Featherston Media has our back.
— Bruce Green
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