The Avenue Church Video Upgrades

The Avenue Church Video Upgrades

The Avenue Church ( is located just south of Dallas in Waxahachie Texas. The Avenue targets “unchurched and de-churched” people in Ellis County. With a video infrastructure that was quickly depreciating they came to Featherston Media to design and build a system that will take them into new spaces as they grow. 



The previous video infrastructure consisted of three edge aligned projectors that were shooting onto a 48ft screen that was built into the frame of the building. This locked them into a stage design they have had since they moved into the building. With the growing need to stay fresh, the ability to change the stage design with minimal effort was a necessity. 

LED panels were an obvious choice, but choosing the right panel would be even more important. We ultimately went with the Absen A3 Pro due to the 500mm x 500mm design that could be rearranged and look sharp anywhere in the room. The panel is a 3.8mm pitch which created a far sharper and brighter image than projectors could achieve. 

With 138 LED panels The Avenue has about 225 feet of panels to arrange any way they would like. Our team installed truss on chain hoist to make it easier to move the panels around. 




The Avenue has a growing online presence and a satellite campus in Ennis, so we wanted to make sure that those audiences could benefit from the upgrade as well. The video in the past looked really flat so this time we were going for a more cinematic look that matches the video content they were producing during the week. 

The Black Magic Design URSA Mini Pros were the top choice for many reasons. 

- Could be used during the week for production purposes.
- Had additional studio add-ons to meet the need for a live shoot.
- Had a built-in remote control (CCU) function that was easy to use.
- Fit a good price point.

We chose to pair the URSA Mini with a Fujinon XK 20 - 120mm Cabrio Premier Lens to provide a good depth of field in IMAG shots. WIth the servos the volunteers have full control of the lens through the ATEM CCU. 


”The impact this upgrade has had has been amazing. Before the upgrades, we were really struggling with some old projectors that were going out and some foggy Standard Def cameras. Now we have a space that really is inviting, and that’s what it is all about - creating a space that is inviting for people to come to and a space that people WANT to come to and be a part of.”
— Trey Featherston - Creative Director - The Avenue Church


The current building wasn’t designed for large video production so we needed to create a central control space that would allow them to effectively control the video systems during a service on Sunday. We developed a new lightweight system design that would keep all hardware in the rack while preserving the room for control surfaces only. This allows us to keep the equipment secure so volunteers can’t get into trouble, only leaving the things that need to be touched in the room. 




We wanted to build out an infrastructure that would grow as The Avenue grows. We installed a Black Magic 72 x 72 Smart Hub. All video, in and out, for the entire building and campuses, goes through the hub. This allows them to not only route any video signal to any location on the entire campus but also instantaneously send that signal to the Ennis Campus. 

With the new URSA Mini Pro’s 4K recording capability we had to be able to store footage for long-term as well as have footage available at a moments notice. We set up a COLD and HOT storage system that would allow them to store recent footage that needed to be edited in the HOT storage that is based on SSD drives; then store it for long-term on the COLD storage which uses rotating drives. All recording is done via the Black Magic HyperDeck. 


When everything was integrated we really saw how special this project really was. The staff, church, and town were talking about it. We can't wait to see what stage design they come up with next!


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The Avenue Church Site to Site Streaming

The Avenue Church Site to Site Streaming