Daily Desker New Office Project

Daily Desker New Office Project

Daily Desker(dailydesker.com)is the first business of its kind in Ellis County. They operate as a co-working space and business center in a historic building in downtown Midlothian, TX. 

They provide a space for professionals to work without the overhead cost of having an office. Small business owners, entrepreneurs, startups, and even the corporate elite can find space there to work, hold meetings, and enjoy the different amenities that are available to them through their membership. 



Due to them being a new business, they needed just about everything to get up and running. They needed managed IT services, security system with access control, phones, internet, wireless capabilities and cabling throughout the building. 


They are the first business we have worked with that provides a co-working space for people who don’t have a standard office; having a reliable and secure network is essential for the success of their business. 

We implemented a new network rack with an EdgeRouter Pro to ensure the internet would be able to handle the high traffic and be secure. We also installed a backup internet connection to ensure they would be able to operate the business, as usual, should anything happen. 


We installed three cameras throughout the space, and keypads at each entrance to allow for full access control.

While adding the keypads, we also added door contacts, motion detectors, PIR sensors that would allow for automatic exit from the building, and an intercom so that a person could request access to enter if they don't have a code.  


They needed fully managed IT services. This means that we manage their entire network. We monitor activity 24/7 and are able to prevent and solve problems in a timely manner so that their clients have no downtime. 



Daily Desker is a new type of business that will help other businesses grow because of the space that they provide to their customers. They are giving someone the opportunity to pursue the American Dream. 

It’s always fun when we get to come in and install state-of-the-art tech in a historic building, and this project was no exception. 

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