Network Monitoring and Why it is Important

What is a Network Monitoring System?

A Network Monitoring System is a tool that enables you to monitor and record network traffic, server availability, and also performance. Knowing what is going on in your network is one of the most important resources you can have in tracking down issues before they happen. We actively monitor for threats and unusual activity across all our networks. A great Network Monitoring System does more than just server capacity/availability, network traffic, and performance; it also keeps track of all the devices on your network, so you can see how the devices are performing and have preventative measures in place in the event of any situation.

“As companies increasingly rely on networks for their daily businesses, real time network monitoring should be an integral part of all network management systems in order to ensure that all business processes can be completed in an efficient fashion.” (As stated by PAESSLER, PRTG Network Monitor.)

What Should Go Into A Great Network Monitoring System?

When looking for a network monitoring system that will bring your technology to the next level, as well as keep your business moving in the right direction, it would be best to make sure that it is capable of:

– Active Monitoring
– Alerting
– Forecasting Abilities
– Optimize Network Performance

All of these areas work together to make the most intelligent network monitoring system. Active or Real-Time Monitoring is great to have for any network. It keeps constant watch over the network, servers, diagnostics, and even devices connected to the network. Alerting takes place once something occurs that is out of the ordinary or not like normal performance on your network. This gives you the heads up as to when something could potentially be harmful or damaging to your network. Forecasting runs along side monitoring and alerting. With forecasting in place, you will have a better idea of what is to come or what you can expect out of your network system. Knowing what is going on in your network is one of the most important resources you can have in tracking down issues before they happen.

Most of all having these features set in place gives your network the best possibility to work at its best. Everyone wants their network and technology at 100% each and everyday…with no surprises to stop their workflow. With a network monitoring system set in place you can rest assure that there will be no surprises waiting for you each day or even a situation that comes out of no where. A great network monitoring system puts you in charge of your network and keeps you moving forward.

How Featherston Media Uses A Network Monitoring System

At Featherston Media, we are able to use every integrated and intelligent part of our Network Monitoring System, to optimize each client’s network. We keep an active watch on the all alerts, making sure that if any network system is running slow or not not running properly, we are able to act fast before the system takes a big hit or shuts down. This keeps the client up and running and the problem from reaching their end. We utilize the ability of forecasting to get ahead of any major issues that may come up. Whether it is an issue on the network, the connection, on a device or computer, or in a cable connection. Staying one step ahead keeps the clients up and running without them knowing that there was ever an issue.




Having Forecasting Abilities on our Network Monitoring System allows us to see in advance when an issue occurs. Being able to see what outcome may happen before it causes damage or is able to be fixed, is very crucial to keep a business network up and running with no interruption. With this type of information we are able to get the process started to fix the issue before it starts, and even get new devices setup in the event that devices begin to fail.




Also, we use utilize our Network Monitoring System to help us keep track of all of our clients’ network stability and usage. Being able to keep the status of system diagnostics and devices on the network keeps up informed of the type of upgrades that need to take place. Most often businesses fall short, and sometimes behind, when they allow their current technology to run with out the proper upgrades needed to provide that optimal performance. Like a car getting a tune up, replacing spark plugs, tires, changing the oil, etc.; technology has some similar types of maintenance and upgrades to help keep the system maintained. In knowing what upgrades need to be run or installed, this gives the client the opportunity to increase their business performance, keep moving forward in technology progression, and more secure as their technology grows.



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